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Bio Power South Africa

We provide high quailty and eco–friendly ethanol gel.

Making a postive Impact

We are committed to creating a sustainable future for everyone.


We provide organically manufactured ethanol gel.

BioPower is a leading biofuel company that produces high-quality and eco-friendly ethanol gel for cooking and heating purposes. Our ethanol gel is organically manufactured, utilizing only natural and renewable resources.

We offer a range of products to meet your energy needs, including BioPower stoves, BioPower lamps, and BioPower lamp oils. Our stoves are designed to be efficient, safe, and easy to use. They are perfect for use in camping trips, outdoor events, and emergency situations. We also offer a variety of BioPower lamps that are perfect for lighting your home or office. Our lamp oils are made from natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals.

Renewable Energy. Sustainable Future. Social Entrepreneurship.

Cost Efficiency

The low raw materials and production costs, allows us to ensure that our pricing model socially sustainable to our rural communities.

Environmental & Safety Efficiency

Our BioPower ethanol gel is nontoxic, odourless and smoke-free when burning thus reducing indoor air pollution. Our BioPower gel texture, makes spillage easy to contain and control. It will not explode, or combust and can be easily extinguished.

Product Efficiency

BioPower ethanol cooking gel, burns up to twice as long as other fuel sources. One liter will burn for a minimum of four and half hours, making it an affordable alternative fuel source for our local rural communities.

Quality Products

We sell a variety of eco–friendly products such as: Bio Power Ethanol Gel, Bio Power Gel Stoves, Bio Power Lamps, and Bio Power Lamp Oils

Easy CleanUp

Bio Fuel Burns away completely – No side products such as smoke, ash or solid waste are produced.

100% Organic

Our Bio Power Ethanol Gel Fuel is 100% organic made from ethanol extracted from sugar cane – a completely renewable energy source.

Environmentally friendly

BioFuel is a biologically clean product of plant origin, which has undergone rectification three times. It constitutes an entirely renewable source of energy.


Relationship Building – Our People First

Our competent staff with a combined thirty years in the manufacturing field and experience in the provision of planning and installation to the government sector, makes us your ideal partner. Our goal is to ensure that our local governments and municipalities, receive cost effective, transparent, and the most responsive support.

As your intermediary, we leverage our industry knowledge, and extensive supplier networks to bring you the best available in the Southern African market. Our foundation is based on understanding and putting the needs of our people and the services that government provide to them first.

Together we work with our government agencies, identifying their needs, procuring and delivering with value add solutions. We own the full end to end procurement process, project/tender delivery and take care of all your after-service requirements. As a BEE listed company, our business culture is based on respect, enrichment and empowerment in the diversity of our people.

Our Products

Our eco–friendly products.