Bio Power Ethanol Gel

Our Bio Power Ethanol Gel Fuel is 100% organic made from ethanol extracted from sugar cane - a completely renewable energy source. Bio Power gel is constituted from denatured ethanol. The key physical and chemical properties that make up the gel ensure that it's non-toxic.


Ethanol Cooking Gel is odourless and smokeless when burning. Other fuels emit a strong odour when burning, which often affects the taste of the food being prepared. Ethanol Cooking Gel fuel does not change the taste of the food being prepared, even if this food is prepared directly on Ethanol Cooking Gel's open flame.

Efficiency and Cost

Ethanol Cooking Gel fuel burns up to twice as long as other liquid fuels. Litre for litre, Ethanol Cooking Gel's price compares favourably to other liquid fuels. This makes Ethanol Cooking Gel the most cost-effective and safest fuel available to informal housing residents and the needy. Ethanol Cooking Gel will bring water to boiling point between five to eight minutes. One litre of the Ethanol Cooking Gel will burn for a minimum of four and a half hours, almost twice as long as liquid fuels commonly used today.

Safety of Gel

Ethanol Cooking Gel is an organic-based product, made from sugar cane, a renewable energy source. Ethanol Cooking Gel does not emit toxic gasses when burning, is safer when swallowed or inhaled compared to other fuels and can even be used as an antiseptic to skin wounds as its main ingredient is ethanol. Ethanol Cooking Gel has a gel texture that makes spillage easy to contain and control. As the gel only burns on its surface, flame height is consistent. Ethanol Cooking Gel will not explode if spilled when lit. Ethanol Cooking Gel, when burning, can be extinguished by simply blowing out its flame.